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Transmission issues with your vehicle can be scary, and are often associated with expensive costs for repair and replacement. If you suspect your automobile is having transmission issues, don’t fret, bring it to Smog Mart and let our expert technicians take care of you.

No matter if you have a manual or automatic transmission, our ASE certified technicians have years of experience diagnosing and repairing transmission issues in any type of vehicle. Our diagnostic services are designed to detect issues before major problems arise, saving you time and money by avoiding expensive repairs down the road.

Warning Signs Your Vehicle May Need Transmission Services:

  • Your vehicle is having difficulty engaging or staying in gear
  • Delays in shifting or is missing gears
  • Engine is revving abnormally high
  • If there is a burning smell while driving
  • Check Engine light is on
  • Transmission is leaking fluid
  • Gears are grinding when shifting
  • Clutch pedal engages very low or very high

If you notice any of these conditions while driving, don’t hesitate to get your transmission inspected right away. In some cases, many of these problems may arise from low transmission fluid, contaminated fluid, or a fluid leak which can be relatively easy to address. If caught early, these minor services can prevent major repairs. If more serious issues exist, our expert team will get you the right diagnosis along with your options. Our transmission services are always fast, accurate, and affordable.

SmogMart provides transmission service and repair for all car types. Oil Change Sacramento

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