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SMOG Check

Do I need a smog check to renew my registration?

Yes, smog check inspections are necessary when you register or renew your car registration in California. However, there are a few exceptions. Your vehicle does not need a smog inspection if its:

  • A motorcycle
  • An electric vehicle
  • Gasoline-powered, and 1975 year model or older
  • Gasoline-powered and less than eight model-years old
  • Powered by natural gas and weighs more than 14,000 pounds
  • A diesel-powered model that is a 1997 year or older

The purpose of The Smog Check Program is to diminish the air pollution and to improve the air we breathe. The program helps recognize automobiles with high emissions and have them repaired or retired accordingly. Since its debut in 1984, the initiative has significantly decreased the amounts of harmful emissions caused by millions of automobiles throughout California.

The DMV will not allow you to register a car that has failed its smog test. As a result, you cannot register your vehicle, and driving it will be illegal. Keep in mind that in some states, such as California, it is against the law to sell a car without a smog certificate. The vehicle’s smog check should have taken place within 90 days before the sale.

How much is the cost of a smog check near me?

The average Smog Check prices in California vary widely, the main factor that fluctuates the smog check cost is the year, model, and type of vehicle you have. While newer passenger cars normally are about $40 to $70, older vehicles and motor homes may cost more due to the additional procedures required to perform the Smog Check. After the completion of a Smog Check, a Vehicle Inspection report is generated and the result of the inspection is sent to the DMV. 

The majority of vehicles in California have to go through a smog check every two years for registration renewal. Your DMV Registration Renewal Notice will state whether your vehicle requires a smog check. You can transport your car to any Smog Check station, unless it has to be specifically checked at a STAR station.

STAR stations are Smog Check stations that have met higher performance criteria set by the Bureau of Automotive Repair. Some STAR stations are only licensed to do tests, while others may perform both tests and repairs. If you are searching for “smog check places near me”, you have successfully found the place.

Smog Mart is a STAR certified auto center located in Sacramento. We have been serving the automotive needs of the local community since 1993. You can rely on us on all smog-related cases or other maintenance and repair procedures for your vehicle. Simply give us a call or schedule a service appointment online.

What happens if you don't get a smog check?

As previously stated, you cannot renew your car’s registration without a smog check. You can still pay your vehicle registration renewal costs but you will not get your new registration card and sticker until you have successfully passed the test.

This might be done to avoid paying late fees from DMV if, for some reason, you can’t have the smog check on time (before the registration expiration date). It’s a great approach to avoid penalties when you’re unsure if your car will pass the smog test or when you’re limited on time.

Also, you can’t legally sell a car in California that hasn’t successfully passed the smog check 90 days prior to the moment of transferring the vehicle to another owner. According to the guidelines, it is the seller’s obligation to present a valid smog certificate at the time the car is delivered to the buyer.

And what should you do if you fail a Smog Check? This is also a possibility, although it is quite rare – only around 5-10% of vehicles will not pass the evaluation. The best solution in such a scenario is to repair your car at a trusted auto shop.

Keep in mind that any emission-related repairs to resolve a smog test failure must be completed by a qualified Smog Check repair technician at a licensed Smog Check repair facility. After the repairs are done, you can have your car retested at any Smog Check station (unless your car has to be specifically inspected at a STAR station).

What do you need to bring for a smog check?

If you are about to undergo a smog check for renewing your car’s registration, you only need to take your vehicle and your Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Registration Renewal Notice. The latter will help ensure that the correct vehicle information and Smog Check certificate are electronically sent to The DMV.

Smog Check, essentially is the process of a licensed inspector connecting testing equipment to your vehicle. The equipment is linked to computers at the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR). While the testing equipment is gathering the required data from your vehicle, the inspector will be performing a visual inspection of all emission components on your vehicle to ensure that they are in compliance with the rules and regulations of California as well as any functional test that may be required for your vehicle. If your car passes the test, the information and results are sent electronically to the DMV. The Smog Check station personnel will provide you with a receipt and a copy of the test findings, which are known as a Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR). Then, the certificate is valid for 90 days.

If you happen to be in a situation where you are looking for a “smog check station near me” place, we would gladly assist you in everything related to the process.

Smog Mart is a certified smog check station in Sacramento.. We are equipped with the latest advanced Smog Test Machines. You can count on our highly experienced smog technicians to get the job done. Contact us to schedule an appointment.