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Engine Overhaul

SmogMart in Sacramento is an experienced automotive repair shop, and we’ve been serving this community since 1993. Our ASE certified technicians will help assess and diagnose the best options for an engine overhaul – so bring in your car and we’ll finish your engine overhaul fast so you can get on with your busy day. We service all major makes and models of cars, and we’re known for having the most affordable engine overhaul prices on the block.  

Engine Overhaul in Sacramento, CA

SmogMart is your neighborhood center for an engine overhaul and more near you. Take care of your vehicle by letting us take care of its maintenance needs with well-qualified technicians and prices to fit your budget.

Quick Engine Overhaul

We’re all about friendly, fast, and simplified engine overhauls. You don’t have to plan your day’s schedule around your car when you choose SmogMart for an engine overhaul. We quickly finish large projects such as an engine overhaul, some repairs may be completed same day.

If your car needs an engine overhaul then bring it to the experts at SmogMart.  All our services are quick and cheap! 

Why Do I Need An Engine Overhaul?

You might be noticing signs your car is ready for an engine overhaul like the fuel efficiency is not as good as it used to be, or maybe your engine is overheating more frequently, or maybe even engine oil seems to be missing and low. Like all things, engines will wear out after several years of use an engine overhaul can make it feel like brand new again. You will also experience a more power and better fuel distribution as well. A well done overhaul can add up to 10 years to your vehicle’s lifespan. 

If your car needs an engine overhaul then bring it to the experts at SmogMart. All our services are fast and affordable!

What is an engine overhaul?

When there are major problems with an automobile and its engine, an engine overhaul or rebuild is often needed. It is also occasionally performed on worn engines with excessive mileage to return them to factory condition.

During an overhaul, your mechanic will remove the engine and then assess the state of the internal components to determine the cause of the issues and repair them. Internal components such as piston rings, bearings, gaskets, and the camshaft may be changed during an overhaul, depending on their condition and the cause of the problem.

If there are indicators of serious engine damage, and is confirmed by a check-up at a recognized auto service shop, an engine overhaul may be the best solution. This includes disassembling the engine, cleaning it, and replacing any broken engine parts or seals. Then it’s assembled like new.

Engine overhaul is useful when certain sections or components of your car’s engine must be updated to keep things working smoothly. It is the process of giving your engine new life. Most engines deteriorate over time as a result of heat and typical wear and tear. Some degrade faster than others when pushed aggressively, such as in a race vehicle.

But the wear-off of an engine might also be caused by a shortage of engine oil or a lack of maintenance. If you notice signs like your engine oil level constantly decreasing, your fuel economy not being as excellent as it used to be, or hearing strange sounds emanating from the engine, you should visit a technician to see whether your engine needs to be overhauled.

How long does an overhauled engine last?

In the best case scenario, a well-rebuilt engine can last as long as a new engine. That means anywhere from 150,000 to 300,000 miles or more, considering the presence of proper care and maintenance. Regular oil changes, correct break-in processes, and diligent maintenance all help to increase the life of a rebuilt engine.

Most engines may survive up to 300,000 miles if all repairs and preservation are performed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and are not mistreated in any manner. If you are a driver who follows the regulations and takes proper care of your vehicle, your rebuilt engine should last a long time.

It is also important to choose the right place to assemble an overhaul engine. If the parts are not compatible, this will lead to issues. The experienced car technicians at Smog Mart can conduct a durable and effective engine overhaul for any vehicle.

If you are located in Sacramento, and are looking for the “engine overhaul near me” options, you found the go-to place. Simply give us a call or schedule an appointment online to get in touch and find a solution for the engine of your vehicle.

How much does an engine overhaul cost?

On average, an overhaul of a car’s engine would cost between $2,000 and $5,000. For a truck engine overhaul, the prices may start at $20,000.

Since engine overhaul is the replacement of engine parts and rebuilding the engine to eliminate faults, the cost will depend on the condition of your vehicle’s engine and its components.

If you have an older car with over 300,000 kilometers on the clock, it may not be worth it to repair the engine because the other parts will have substantial wear and tear as well. It could be a better idea to buy a new vehicle instead.

Overhauling your engine is not a simple task. It consists of deconstructing the engine and having new internal components such as new pistons, piston rings, main bearings, valves and springs. There are many more steps to be listed but just know that other than the engine, everything inside will be new! The engine is removed from the chassis for this job, instead of leaving it in the chassis of your car. The process typically takes about a week to complete as all parts are disassembled and then fixed back again.

This improves engine performance and increases engine life. The cost of an engine overhaul is determined by several factors, including the extent of the overhaul chosen.

Is it good to overhaul an engine?

An engine overhaul is more commonly needed on older cars, especially ones over 10 years old or such that have racked up a lot of mileage. Most people just want their vehicles to be dependable and run their best, and that is why they go for a car engine overhaul.

However, if you notice a decline of the power of your engine, or other visible malfunctions such as increased fuel consumption, oil sludges, excessive blow-by, unusual amounts of exhaust smoke, engine overheating, strange bounces or latency when turning off your vehicle, then an engine overhaul might be a good idea. 

An engine overhaul is a great alternative for engines that aren’t too old or too worn but are still having problems. In many circumstances, an engine overhaul may efficiently solve any problems with your engine while saving you a substantial amount of money over replacing your engine entirely.

Because your engine’s parts and components are thoroughly cleaned and inspected during an engine overhaul, your mechanic will be able to detect small flaws that you may not have noticed yet. The engine is thoroughly cleaned to ensure that it is in the finest possible condition for top performance and efficiency. You may also have your engine repaired in order to add new features or enhance it.

Before choosing to overhaul your engine, it is recommended to have it evaluated by a reputable mechanic and discuss the best solution for your case. Our colleagues in the full-service auto repair shop Smog Mart know when and how to overhaul a car engine. Contact us to set an appointment, and have your vehicle inspected by professional car technicians.