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Is your vehicle’s check engine light on? Does your engine make funny sounds when idling or running? Maybe you are detecting strange smells or seeing smoke? These may all be signs your engine could use some love.

Engines are extremely complex, requiring many parts and systems working in unity to power your vehicle. As wear and tear accumulates due to heavy operation and age, some of these systems may fail if not properly maintained. If your vehicle has high mileage, or several good years under its hood, it may be time for an engine overhaul.
Unlike our tune-up service which is designed to complete basic maintenance, an engine overhaul starts from the ground up to rebuild your motor. Our engine overhaul services are always thorough and meticulous, because your safety and vehicle health is our main priority.

Over the life of your vehicle, parts like gaskets, hoses, and belts become brittle. When these break, leak, or fail, it can spell major disaster for your engine. During your engine overhaul service, our master mechanics can deconstruct your engine down to its basic parts in order to replace gaskets, hoses, belts, wires, pistons and rings, bearings, values, springs, fans, and more. In most cases, these parts are extremely difficult to replace without the right knowledge and tools.

Engine Overhaul vs. Engine Replacement

Sometimes, things inside your engine break. In worst case scenarios, the damage can be so severe that an engine replacement is the only option. However, most times this isn’t the case. If the basic block of your engine is in good shape, an overhaul can breathe new life into your vehicle for a fraction of the cost.

No matter your vehicle’s make or model, we can help recommend the right service for you. If your car, truck, or SUV isn’t running like it should, our expert ASE certified technicians are here to get you back on the road.

SmogMart provides complete engine overhauls for all makes and models.

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