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Brake Repair

SmogMart in Sacramento is an experienced automotive repair shop, and we’ve been serving this community since 1993. Our ASE certified technicians will help you understand the best solution for your vehicles brakes – so bring in your car and we’ll finish your brake repair fast so you can get on with your busy day. We service all major makes and models of cars, and we’re known for having the most affordable brake repair prices on the block.  

Brake Repair in Sacramento, CA

SmogMart is your neighborhood center for brake repairs and more near you. Take care of your vehicle by letting us take care of its maintenance needs with well-qualified technicians and prices to fit your budget.

Quick Brake Repair

We’re all about friendly, fast, and simplified Brake Repairs. You don’t have to plan your day’s schedule around your car when you choose SmogMart for a brake repair. We quickly diagnose the wear on your brakes and figure out what steps are needed next to get your brake repair started.

If your car needs a brake repair then bring it to the experts at SmogMart.  All our services are quick and cheap! 

Servicing Your Brakes Often

Having your brakes serviced all depends on your car, brake parts, and driving habits. The pads and shoes can last between 15,000-80,000 miles, brake fluids might last 2-6 years. Regularly servicing your brakes will prevent any unexpected issues that you might not realize are happening due to such an unpredictable maintenance schedule. 

If your car needs any brake service then bring it to the experts at SmogMart. All our services are fast and affordable!

Brake Replacement

When you start to notice sounds and squeaks coming from your brakes it might be time for new brake fluid, rotors, or brake pads. Worn brake pads might result in a squeaking sound and eventually turn to a grinding noise indicating exposed rotors. Low fluid or worn out brake pads can lead to an unsettling braking response, and  distorted rotors will let you know with the vibrations you’ll feel when it’s time to brake.

If your car needs a brake replacement then bring it to the experts at SmogMart. All our services are fast and affordable!

Signs Your Brakes Are Bad

Some signs that you car’s brakes are bad, there will be a squeaking or a grinding noise when you start to brake. The brake pads could be worn and the exposed metal parts are coming into contact with the rotors creating these sounds when it’s time to brake. The grinding you are heard might be caused by the worn brake pad scraping against the disk or drum. If you’re hearing any grinding, schedule a brake inspection with SmaogMart as soon as possible.

Maybe your brakes feel a bit soft? When you go to brake and the pedal touches the floorboard, this could mean moisture or air is in the braking system, or possibly there is an issue with the master cylinder.

If there is a burning, or sharp chemical smell this could mean your brakes are overheating. Make sure the emergency brake is not on, if that is off and the odors are accruing, or smoke is coming from a wheel, there’s a possibility that the brake caliper has malfunctioned. Schedule your brake service with SmogMart as soon as you can, this may mean your vehicle is unsafe to drive and the brake are failing.

If your car needs a brake assessment then bring it to the experts at SmogMart. All our services are fast and affordable!