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Radiator Repair

SmogMart in Sacramento is an experienced automotive repair shop, and we’ve been serving this community since 1993. Our ASE certified technicians will help with all radiator repair needs – so bring in your car and we’ll finish your radiator repair fast so you can get on with your busy day. We service all major makes and models of cars, and we’re known for having the most affordable radiator service prices on the block.  

Radiator Repair in Sacramento, CA

SmogMart is your neighborhood center for radiator repairs and more near you. Take care of your vehicle by letting us take care of its maintenance needs with well-qualified technicians and prices to fit your budget.

Quick Radiator Repairs

We’re all about friendly, fast, and simplified radiator repairs. You don’t have to plan your day’s schedule around your car when you choose SmogMart for any radiator service. We quickly diagnose any issues you are having with your radiator and come up with a plan to repair your radiator.

If your car needs its radiator repaired then bring it to the experts at SmogMart.  All our services are quick and cheap! 

Car Overheating?

If your engine is overheating this might be due to the vehicle’s radiator, or might be an issue with the thermostat and coolant. If you have a crack in your radiator your car may be leaking coolant. Or maybe you have something blocking the coolant flow, this will disrupt the coolant from circulating correctly. Schedule an appointment so the expert techs at SmogMart can repair your radiator. 

If your car needs a radiator repair then bring it to the experts at SmogMart. All our services are fast and affordable!

Who repairs car radiators near me?

Your car’s radiator is essential for the constant cooling of the engine of your car. If there is a leak, the engine may overheat. So, if you suspect a malfunction in your automobile radiator, it is better – and typically far cheaper –  to take care of the problem as soon as possible.

If you are looking for a car radiator repair in Sacramento, you have just found the place. Our experienced team of car technicians will take care of your vehicle, and bring it back in shape. Contact us through a phone call or schedule an appointment online to proceed.

Car engines produce a lot of heat. The majority of it exits through the exhaust system, but a significant amount remains surrounding the engine. The radiator system distributes this heat, but if the coolant within begins to leak, the engine may overheat. It is crucial to do frequent maintenance on your radiator to detect any leaks as soon as they occur.

A typical symptom of a leaky automobile radiator is a spot of coolant fluid showing up on the ground under your car after it has been parked. If it is petrol, you may have a fuel leak. You can easily differentiate the two by their odor.

When your engine overheats or leaks coolant, you may believe you need to repair your radiator. But this is not always the case. Radiators may be repaired, which is typically less expensive than purchasing a new radiator.

How much does car radiator repair cost on average?

On average, you can expect to pay between $200 and $500 for a car radiator repair. The car radiator coolant leak repair cost doesn’t have a fixed price, as the issues are situational. And if you need to have the whole radiator replaced, anticipate paying between $400 and $1,000. 

The cost of repairing or replacing your radiator might vary significantly. Luxury and big automobiles typically have a higher radiator repairs cost than smaller or less high-end vehicles. Copper radiators are significantly more costly than aluminum radiators.

Some customers choose to update their car radiator to a larger or higher-performance type. This can increase horsepower by cooling the engine and making it operate more effectively, but it will cost more to maintain and upgrade the radiator.

A new radiator from your vehicle’s manufacturer will be the most expensive, while a new aftermarket radiator or a used radiator will be less costly. Labor prices will vary depending on where you live and from where you purchase the piece.

If you’re handy, you might save money by changing the radiator yourself. Shopping aftermarket parts or buying a secondhand piece is also an affordable option, but sometimes a risky one. Aluminum radiators are the cheaper version of the two. Copper radiators are typically easier to repair than aluminum radiators, but they are more expensive to buy.

Looking for the “radiator repair near me” options in Sacramento? Smog Mart is a trusted full-service auto repair shop in the area. We strive to provide you with a quick, affordable and effective solution. Reach out, and we will schedule an appointment to review your car radiator.

How much is a radiator fan repair?

The price of a car radiator fan repair will depend on the car model, and the nature of the damage. Nonetheless, you can expect the repair to cost between $50 and $500.

If the cooling fan isn’t operating properly, you’ll notice it soon. It has a direct effect on the engine’s operating temperature and any systems that are associated with it. 

You might sense warming at idle or low speeds. At low speeds, the car’s motion is insufficient to push enough air through the radiator, causing the temperature to rise and overheat. It may drop again as you move faster.

It is especially visible during temperature rises in traffic. A broken fan does not spin while the engine is heated. And if you open the hood, you are likely to see that the radiator fans are spinning slowly.

The issue might be with the fan motor, temperature sensor, fan control relay, or wiring. The check engine light or another warning on the dashboard may illuminate.

When inspecting your fan, you may see a damaged fan blade or a plainly burnt-out motor. There may also be sounds from a faulty bearing in the fan motor, as well as other less obvious symptoms, although these are the most prevalent.

How to repair a leaking radiator hose?

The first solution might be to tighten the clamps (as they tend to get loosened, from cold weather, for example). Don’t bother attempting to patch up or wrap a leaking radiator or heating hose. Instead, replace the defective hose with a new one and examine all of the others, because usually when one fails, the others are likely to follow.

Old hoses are sometimes hard and adhere to their fittings, making removal difficult. Slit the old hose with a razor blade or box cutter to make it easier to pull out the end fittings. It is also advisable to replace the original hose clamps, particularly if they are ring type. Ring clamps can lose tension over time and may not hold the hose firmly.

If you are not comfortable with replacing their vehicle’s hoses, or you don’t have the time or tools required, you can always hand over your vehicle to a professional car mechanic to fix it. It’s a fairly quick and inexpensive task, and you’ll have the peace of mind that the radiator hose repair has been fixed completely and correctly.