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As your vehicle’s engine runs, moving parts create massive amounts of friction and heat. In order for your engine to run its best, this heat must be dealt with in an efficient and timely manner by your cooling system — most important of which is the radiator. As heat accumulates in the engine block, parts like your cooling fans, water pump, radiator and thermostat pass coolant through a loop accumulating heat and dispersing it through the radiator to regulate temperatures within the engine.

Repair and maintenance of your radiator is critical to the operation of your vehicle. In most cases, a simple flush or exchange of radiator fluid at regular intervals is all that is required, however, if you need additional radiator services, Smog Mart is here to help.

Is Your Engine Leaking Coolant?

If you notice your coolant is low, or you detect liquid around the engine or on the ground near the front end of the vehicle, you may have a coolant leak. Often, these leaks are caused by worn out water pumps, cracked radiator hoses, or faulty radiator caps. Our radiator diagnostic service includes a cooling system pressurization to help find leaks fast.

During your radiator diagnostic service, our expert technicians will give your entire cooling system a thorough checkup including a visual inspection, system pressurization, and engine block test. We will also check all your hoses, pumps, and belts, along with your thermostat and cooling fan as well.

Our ASE certified technicians can help diagnose radiator issues, exchange fluids, and complete repairs for less than the competition. Whether you need a new heater core, hoses, cooling sensors, a radiator cap replacement, new cooling fans, serpentine belt, or a whole new radiator, we’ve got you covered.

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